Versatile Features of Aluminum Tubing

The rising cost in construction and manufacturing has led to more individuals to seek out cost effect construction and manufacturing materials to produce their products with. One metal found in abundance all over the earth is aluminum. Aluminum fits the bill when it comes to being cost effective and applicable in many different ways.

The properties of aluminum make it the perfect metal for aluminum tubing that is used in many different forms in construction and manufacturing. Aluminum is strong, malleable, light weight and conducts both heat and electricity very well.

Aluminum tubing can be formed and designed per specification for construction or manufacturing purposes. This has made aluminum one of the preferred metals for designers. With no limitation in the creativity of a designer, they are able to design and create in any manner they desire, instead of creating designs based on what materials are available.

Aluminum tubing production that is cost effective

Aluminum tubing is created using an extrusion process that is cost effective. There is little waste in production; therefore this is considered the most economical process. The dies used to create aluminum tubing are less costly than dies and casts that cost thousands of dollars. Hundreds of dollars are spent on the dies for aluminum tubing.

Many dies for industrial purposes can only be used one time and then have to be replaced. The dies used in aluminum tubing production can be used many times over. This savings is reflected in lower production cost with a longer shelf life and less waste.

The formula that is followed in the creation of the tubing uses a standard die. This allows the creation of tubing that can be of various designs, simply by following the formula for a constant strength to weight proportion. The malleable characteristic of the aluminum is what makes this possible.

Various shapes of aluminum tubing

The formula of constant strength to weight that is incorporated into aluminum tubing makes this metal the better choice than copper or steel tubes. The disadvantage of using copper and steel tubing is that both metals weight significantly more than aluminum and are not as malleable as aluminum.

The automotive and construction fields use aluminum because of the heat shield properties it has. These heat absorption characteristics push aluminum up to the front of the line for practical application in construction and automotives. Aluminum can be bent and shaped to fit any design without additional expenditures to make this happen.

Aluminum tubing can be shaped in cylindrical shapes and square as well. According to purpose, aluminum can be made to differ in outer and inner diameters and with different alloys. It is wise to use a pressure rating when determining the maximum bend radius and temperature range that you will need for your particular application.

High Temperature heat treatment

When aluminum tubing will be used in an environment with high temperatures it is wise to use heat treated aluminum that can withstand high temperatures. Aluminum works very well in low temperatures but needs the heat treatment to stand up under high temperatures.

Artistic application

Artists, designers, even crafters love aluminum tubing because it is easily colored by different processes, chemicals and electric. The metal is easily colored by natural properties that take in color.

Easy connections

Nuts, bolts, rivets and welds make it possible to connect the aluminum tubes securely and in a variety of formations. This easy malleability of aluminum has made this metal preferred by industrial applications as well as manufacturing and many other areas of industry as well. Construction of cost effective buildings that can be in any configuration, size and height has made aluminum the first choice in metals for designers around the world.