Why Select Anodized Aluminum Cookware? The True Benefits of Anodized Aluminum Cookware

Anodized aluminum cookware is wonderful to cook with and won’t warp or bend. It can be as hard as a diamond when proper anodizing methods and techniques are used. Anodizing is a method of aluminum preparation and makes this cookware stronger, and will last a lot longer.

Now, here comes an easy to understand chemistry lesson about anodizing aluminum to create fabulous cookware. Aluminum becomes stronger and more durable after the anodizing process. By putting a sheet of aluminum into a chemical bath of acetone; the acetone becomes the negative conductor of a chemical battery while the aluminum becomes the positive conductor of the chemical battery or the anode. When this process is energized, the aluminum’s surface actually rusts and oxidizes. Oxidation creates a very strong coating, replacing the original aluminum. Typically oxidation will weaken most metals; but it doesn’t seem to weaken aluminum. In fact, oxidation strengthens aluminum.

Recall the rusting aluminum in the chemical process? Well the rust is still part of the aluminum sheet but, because it has transformed itself, the original aluminum will not flake off under stress and will not transfer to your foods. It is sealed in during the chemical process of anodizing. This makes it quite desirable for many cooks. It is used in restaurants. This cookware is used in several food service industries, residential homes, hospitals, and industrial facilities with repeated use. Its strength and durability to heat up foods fast and cook at even temperatures is a time saver in many restaurants and bakeries. The new chemically enhanced aluminum transforms into anodized aluminum, and has become very strong and much more durable. It makes great cookware.

Anodized aluminum is now a popular material used to manufacture high-end cookware such as skillets, frying pans, and pots and pans for chef’s and experienced cooks. We’ve long known Aluminum has a reputation of having heat evenly distributed on the bottom and sides of cookware. However, now we know anodized aluminum cookware provides a protective finish making it rust resistant, and is stronger, more durable, and as a result, more expensive.

It is utilized in several other industries outside cookware. For example satellites that circle around our Earth are protected from space debris floating because these satellites are layered with anodized aluminum. It is now recognized for its strength and durability. Other industries such as the automotive industry use anodized aluminum for trim on vehicles and for protective housings exposed on the outside of our cars. Furniture manufacturers use it for outdoor patio sets because it stands up to outside elements and weather conditions. Computers and home appliances are manufactured with anodized aluminum as a protective housing. Baking cookie sheets, pastry sheet pan, and pots and pans will be around for a long time because they will last for years using this type of cookware.